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Deploy APC Virtual Appliance on ESXi


This article will show you how to install an APC Virtual Appliance on ESXi and connect it to your APC Battery.


  1. Download your APC Virtual Appliance from here
  2. Log into VSphere
  3. Go to File> Deploy OVF Template
  4. Click Browse
  5. Browse to your OVF Template you downloaded in step 1 and click Open
  6. Click Next
  7. Click Next
  8. Accept the End User License Agreement
  9. Click Next
  10. Name your Virtual Appliance
  11. Configure the settings to your needs and then press Next
  12. Confirm your settings and click Finish
  13. Power on the VM and press 4 for network settings
  14. Press 1 to enter the hostname
  15. Once you have entered a new host name press 2 to configure the network settings
  16. Enter your network settings for the VM
  17. Go through all items that do not have an “X” on them and configure them, then you will be able to continue
  18. Once you get to this screen, you will need to open a web browser and navigate to the site to finish configuration
  19. Click Next
  20. Select your network configuration and press Next
  21. Select the appropriate item for your environment and press Next
  22. If you selected that your host is managed by a vCenter Server, enter your vCenter server details
  23. Enter your UPS configuration and press Next
  24. Enter your username and password for your battery and press Next
  25. Put in your APC IP information and click Next
  26. Confirm your settings and press Apply
  27. Once communication has been established, press Next
  28. Add in your ESXi hosts and press Next
  29. Select the Outlet group and select Apply
  30. Press Next
  31. Configure your settings and press Next
  32. Confirm your settings and press Next
  33. Configure your UPS Shutdown and press Next
  34. Click Finish
  35. Done!
Updated on January 5, 2018

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